【 Questions and Answers】

Q1.    How much will it cost?

A1.   All Bible studies and prayers, including consultations, are free of charge.


Q2: Are you a Jehovah’s Witness?

A2: We are not Jehovah’s Witnesses. Our ministry  is based on orthodox Christian (Protestant) beliefs. If you are having problems with solicitations from Jehovah’s Witnesses, please contact us.


Q3. Do I have to become a believer (Christian)?

A3. There is no requirement to become a believer (Christian). It is important that you encounter Jesus Christ through the Bible and experience the promise of eternal life, peace of mind, physical healing, and a changed environment. There is no forced or coerced solicitation, so please do not worry about it.


Q4. I am not a believer (Christian). Is it okay if I consult with you?

A4: Even if you are not a believer (Christian), there is no problem at all. Even if you have never read the Bible, we will explain everything in an easy-to-understand order from the beginning. Please feel free to consult with us.


Q6. Can you make a visit? (Added November 1, 2022)

A6: Before the outbreak of the new coronavirus(COVID-19), we used to make visits depending on the nature of the consultation.

However, as you are all aware, in order to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus(COVID-19), we will avoid face-to-face consultations as much as possible, and instead conduct online interviews.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Q7: Is this a disreputable religion? Isn’t it a shady business?

A7: It is not a shady religion. It is also not a socially problematic psychic business.

There are many new religions being established today. Christianity, however, is not a recent development, but a faith based on the Bible, which was recorded thousands of years ago. It stands on faith in the words of the Bible as revealed by God. This Christian Friend ministry is a faith-based ministry that is based on the Bible and is led by a Christian pastor. Our representative (pastor) is graduates of  two seminaries , and have been ordained (certified) as pastor after passing a rigorous screening and examination by the Pastor Selection Committee. Please feel free to contact us for consultation. (This is not a psychic business that has become a social problem. We do not take advantage of people’s weakness, or bind them with fear and charge a lot of money like a cult group).


Q8. Isn’t this the activity of a shady new religious group of Korean origin? (Added May 16, 2017)

A8. The representative and staff of Christian Friend Ministry are Japanese and have nothing to do with any Korean-affiliated start-up religious groups.


Q9. I belong to another church. Can you consult with me?

A9. If  you belong  to another church, as a general rule, you  must first consult with the pastor of the church to which you belong and obtain his or her approval for this ministry. If necessary, we will discuss the matter with you together with the pastor of the church to which you belong. However, in rare cases, we have seen cases where the church members  are left alone because the homeroom pastor does not listen to them, is too busy, or asks you to solve the problem yourself, despite the fact that they are truly troubled. In such cases, please consult with us, as we may be able to help you even without his or her consent. Please refrain from making inquiries here and there in parallel, even though you belong to a church and your pastor is available for consultation.


Q10. What is the parent body of the Christian Friend Ministry? What are the future goals of this ministry?  (Added November 1, 2022)

A10. The parent body of Christian Friend Ministry is Christian Friend Church.

Christian Friend Church is not affiliated with any particular denomination, nor does it form a denomination with other churches, nor is it controlled by other churches, but it needs to cooperate with other Christian churches in Japan, so it is preparing to join a para-denominational organization in the future. Since we are unaffiliated, we do not receive any financial support from any denomination or organization. The pastor is a freelance system engineer and does this ministry while earning an income on a short-time basis. Although the church receives no support from any denomination or organization, it is financially independent and operates without debt.

Due to the new coronavirus, face-to-face counseling and Bible studies have become less frequent, but now that we are online, we are able to communicate with people in remote areas through smartphones and tablets, so we are able to communicate with people anywhere in Japan and even overseas. We will do our best to share the wonderfulness of the Bible online.

First of all, we will work to have people with illnesses and problems experience God’s healing and to have as many people as possible have their spirits saved by Jesus.  We will work so that as many people as possible can encounter God.

We also need to strengthen evangelism and nurturing of the younger generation, so we will form educational programs suited to each generation of elementary, junior high, high school, and college students.

And, as already announced on the top page, we will start Christian Friend Ministry for Asia in January 2023.

We will start a ministry not only to Japanese but also to foreigners who come to Japan to work or study, especially those from Asia.

I would like to reiterate that we, Christian Friend Church and Christian Friend Ministry, will specialize in divine healing and problem solving. And from there, our goal is to nurture future workers, especially the younger generation.

We will continue to strive, pray, and promote our activities to the best of our ability, and we thank you in advance for your continued support.

November 1, 2022

Christian Friend Ministry Staff
We are not affiliated with Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Unification Church, or Mormonism. (We are an orthodox, Bible-believing Protestant ministry.)

*Christian Friend Ministry is a ministry that is very sensitive to privacy. Therefore, please refrain from any malicious acts, including accusations against our ministry, interference, or investigations into what we are doing.

*We give priority in replying to consultations to those who have a sincere desire to actually solve their problems through God.