Cases of Freedom from Suffering


◆Before◆(One teenage boy  (ある10代男児))

He stopped going to school and became withdrawn from the fourth grade.



He first encountered Christian Friend Ministry when he was in the sixth grade. He learned that there is a God who created him and that He loves him and is always with him and helps him. He was able to have hope that I could be changed if I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. He had the following changes.

(小学校6年生の時に、クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーと出会った。自分を創った神様の存在を知り、その神様が自分を愛していつも共にいてくださり助けてくださることを知った。イエス・キリストのお名前で祈れば変えられると、希望を持つことができるようになった。彼には、次のような変化があった。)

・He was able to go to school.
・He was given a solution to the part of his mind that had been holding him back, and his personality became brighter.
・He is now able to have a goal in his life, and he has hope for the future.



◆Before◆(One man in his 40s (ある40代男性))

He was a perfectionist, always fretting over details and having trouble resting his head.



Through Christian Friend Ministry, he learned about the Bible and the principle that any suffering can be resolved. I prayed in Jesus’ name and the following changes occurred.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、どんな苦しみでも解決できる原則が分かった。イエスのお名前で祈ったところ次のような変化があった。)

・He was able to sort out what he had always been worried about, and he was able to have peace of mind.
・He is now able to concentrate on his work because his mind is at peace and his distractions have been eliminated.
・He has a better understanding of how to think, how to proceed, and how to be himself, and his relationships with his family and friends have improved.



◆Before◆(One man in his 40s (ある30代男性))

He suffered from migraines on a daily basis. He saw a doctor and took medication, but the pain never completely went away.



Through Christian Friend Ministry, he was able to learn about the Bible and have hope that his migraines could also be resolved. I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ and the migraine pain completely disappeared.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、偏頭痛も解決できるという希望を持つことができた。イエスキリストのお名前で祈ったところ、偏頭痛の痛みが完全に消えた。)


◆Before◆(One man in his 30s  (ある30代男性))

He suffered from chronic back pain.



Through Christian Friend Ministry, he came to know the Bible and the existence of God who can take away any illness or suffering. I prayed for him in Jesus’ name, and the pain in his back started to disappear little by little. He feels that he is gradually being healed, though not completely yet.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、どんな病や苦しみも取り去ってくださる神様の存在を知った。イエスのお名前で祈っていったところ、腰の痛みが少しずつ消えてきた。まだ、完全ではないが、徐々に癒されていることを感じる。)


◆Before◆(One woman in her 50s (ある50代女性))

She had been betrayed by a friend she had trusted and remained in a state of emotional shock, which left her emotionally unstable.



Through Christian Friend Ministry, she came to know the Bible and experienced God’s deep love and mercy. When I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, she was able to forgive her friend who had betrayed her, and her heart became peaceful. She was able to sleep well at night.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、神様の深い愛と憐みを体験した。イエス・キリストのお名前で祈っていったところ、自分を裏切った友人を赦すことができるようになり、心が平安になった。夜もよく眠れるようになった。)