Cases of illness healed



◆Before◆(One teenage boy)

About a year ago, the boy hit his head hard and had occasional, severe headaches afterwards. One morning, when the boy woke up, he could not even bend his neck.




Through Christian Friend Ministry, the boy learned about the Bible and the God who heals.
After praying in the name of Jesus Christ, his pain disappeared and he was able to bend his neck.
Later, he went to the hospital and underwent a thorough CT scan, but no abnormality was found.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、癒してくださる神様の存在を知った。イエス・キリストのお名前で祈ったところ、痛みが消え、首も曲がるようになった。その後、病院に行き、CTによる精密検査を受けたが異常は見つからなかった。)



◆Before◆(One woman in her 60s)

She had a strained back.



Through Christian Friend Ministry, she learned the principles of healing found in the Bible. After praying in the name of Jesus Christ, the pain in her back completely disappeared and she was able to bend her back. She is now able to perform the same activities as before.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書にある癒しの原則を知った。イエス・キリストのお名前で祈ったところ、腰の痛みが完全に消え、腰が曲がるようになった。以前と同じ動作ができるようになった。)



◆Before◆(One woman in her 60s (60代女性))

She had both knees deteriorating and could barely walk due to the pain.


Through Christian Friend Ministry, she learned about the Bible and the principles God works through.
I prayed in Jesus’ name and the pain in her knee disappeared.
She was completely healed and was able to walk as well as run.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、神様が働いてくださる原則が分かった。イエスのお名前によって祈ったところ、膝の痛みが消えた。完全に癒され、歩くことができるようになっただけでなく、走れるようになった。)


◆Before◆(One woman in her 80s (ある80代女性))

She had been a member of a cult religion for 50 years and followed its teachings well. But she had been deaf in her right ear for more than 20 years, had cancer, and had numbness in her limbs due to the aftereffects of anticancer drugs. She had no strength in her knees and walking was unsteady. She could not bend her neck to the right side either. She could not sleep well at night because of the heaviness in her shoulders and her entire body. She had also lost all hope of living.



Through Christian Friend Ministry, she learned about the Bible and the existence of God who created human beings. She wanted to experience healing by the God who is still alive. I prayed in Jesus’ name and she received the following healings and changes in her heart.

・She was able to hear in her right ear, which had been affected for 20 years.

・She could turn her neck well, which she could not bend to the right side.

・She has no more numbness in her hands and feet caused by anti-cancer drugs.

・She feels lighter and can sleep well at night.

・She has more strength in her knees and is able to walk well.

・She has hope for life.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、人間を創造された神様の存在を知った。今も生きておられる神様による癒しを体験したいと思った。イエスのお名前によって祈ったところ、次のような癒しと心の変化があった。




◆Before◆(One woman in her 70s (70代女性))

The medication she received from her doctor as a cure for her incurable disease did not agree with her, and as a side effect, she became blind, a condition that could not be resolved at the hospital. She could not recognize people’s faces or even the color of traffic lights, making it difficult for her to go out.


Through Christian Friend Ministry, she learned about the Bible and that there is healing through God. She learned that Jesus Christ is the one who bears of the sick. After I praying in the name of Jesus Christ, she gradually began to see. At first her vision was dim, but gradually she began to see clearly. After two weeks, she was able to live her life as before.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、神様による癒しがあることが分かった。イエス・キリストが病をになってくださる方であることを知った。イエス・キリストのお名前によって祈ったところ、少しずつ目が見えるようになった。最初は、ぼんやりとしていたが、次第に、はっきりと見えるようになった。二週間後には、以前と同じような生活ができるようになった。)



◆Before◆(One woman in her 50s  (50代))

10 years ago she had miraculously survived a fire that left her unconscious and in critical condition for 20 days, but she had extensive burn scars on her arms and other parts of her body. She also had bent fingers and was unable to move them as she wished.



Through Christian Friend Ministry, she learned about the Bible and the principles of healing. After praying in Jesus’ name, the burn marks were clean and gone. She was able to grow her fingers little by little, and some fingers became fully extended. She has not yet been able to fully extend all of her fingers, but she could not have recovered to this extent with hospital treatment.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を知り、癒しの原則が分かった。イエスのお名前で祈っていったところ、火傷の跡がきれいになくなった。また、指が少しずつ伸びるようになり、何本かの指は完全に伸びるようになった。まだ、すべての指が完全に伸びるようになったわけではないが、病院での治療では、ここまで回復することはできなかった。)



◆Before◆(One man in his 40s (40代男性))

He had been unable to work for several years due to epilepsy and other ailments, and although he underwent epilepsy surgery, his postoperative condition was very bad, and he was almost bedridden due to severe headaches.




Through Christian Friend Ministry, he learned about the Bible and the existence of  God who heals. I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, and the severe head pain that had never been relieved by medicine or treatment completely disappeared. He was able to get up and gradually began to lead a normal life. He was able to return to work a few months later.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を学び、癒してくださる神様の存在を知った。イエス・キリストのお名前で祈ったところ、薬や治療では絶対に取れなかった、激しい頭の痛みが完全に消えた。起き上がることができるようになり、徐々に普段の生活ができるようになった。数か月後には、職場復帰できるようになった。)


◆Before◆(One woman in her 40s. (ある40代女性))

She had been suffering from back pain since she was a child and had to receive regular massages because hospital treatment was ineffective.





Through Christian Friend Ministry, she began to study the Bible and desire to experience God’s power. When I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, her back pain completely disappeared and her body became lighter. She is now not only able to do her housework, but she is also able to exercise, even though she used to have a hard time doing her housework.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を学び、神様の力を体験したいと願うようになった。イエス・キリストのお名前で祈ったところ、腰痛が全く消え、体が軽くなった。



◆Before◆(One woman in her 40s. (ある70代女性))


One day, her heart rate suddenly rose to 190, and she was taken by ambulance to a hospital where her heart rate returned to normal, but the symptoms of a rapidly rising heart rate continued for many months. She was examined at the hospital, but the cause could not be found.




Through Christian Friend Ministry, she began to study the Bible and desire to experience God’s power. When I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, her symptoms of a sudden increase in heart rate disappeared. Because of this, she is now able to live every day with peace of mind.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、聖書を学び、神様の力を体験したいと願うようになった。イエス・キリストのお名前で祈ったところ、急に心拍数が上がる症状がなくなった。そのおかげで、毎日、安心して生活できるようになった。)


~case10~ (2019.1.2 add)

◆Before◆(One woman in her 40s. (ある40代女性))

She had a malignant tumor on her brain in 2013 and her doctor gave her 3 years to live.

She came to us for a consultation after seeing our website because of the limitations of radiation therapy and there was nothing she could do about it.




Through Christian Friend Ministry, she first learned what faith is and studied the Word of the Bible from the basics. Then, after about six months, her symptoms began to improve to a degree that would have been unthinkable with radiation therapy alone.

(クリスチャン フレンド ミニストリーを通して、まず、信仰とは何かを知り、聖書の御ことばを基礎から学んだ。すると、6ヶ月間くらい経過した後から、放射線治療だけでは考えられないほど症状が改善してきた。)


She continued to study the basics of the Bible and prayed as we had advised, and her symptoms improved further. She was able to leave the hospital after about four more months. She continued to study the Bible and pray while recovering at home, and this time she was able to go out and live much as she did before she became ill.



She has recovered to the point where she is unable to do any strenuous physical exercise, but has no difficulty in her normal life. Amazingly she is still living in good health in 2016, three years after she was given a life expectancy. And she is currently still living at home in good health on January 24, 2019. The person and family who experienced this healing are truly amazed and grateful for God’s healing power.